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<!--:en-->Our Pool<!--:--><!--:tr-->Havuzumuz<!--:-->

Our PoolHavuzumuz

<!--:en-->General view<!--:--><!--:tr-->genel görünüm<!--:-->

General viewgenel görünüm

<!--:en-->Pool bar<!--:--><!--:tr-->Havuz başı barımız<!--:-->

Pool barHavuz başı barımız

<!--:en-->Pool from bar<!--:--><!--:tr-->Bardan havuzumuz<!--:-->

Pool from barBardan havuzumuz

<!--:en-->Our Pool general view<!--:--><!--:tr-->Havuzumuz genel bakış<!--:-->

Our Pool general viewHavuzumuz genel bakış



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Generic roomOdalarımızdan genel görünüm

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Welcome to our Hotel

Our Apartments are located right in the centre of Bodrum, surrounded by a big garden like a hidden paradise in the middle of a large entertainment opportunities and only 50 meters from the beach.

In our hotel, you will find the comfort like your home and the chance to spend an unforgettable holiday.

We are offering maximum comfort with sound insulation luxury apartments to our guests. All you need for an amazing holiday is at Karayel Apartments.


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Send us a message with your desired room type, arrival date and number of nights you'd like to reserve, and we'll contact you in no time.